Orange County DA releases 2018 annual report

DA David Hoovler (file)

GOSHEN – The Orange County District Attorney’s Office has had the highest rate of return when dealing with crimes against revenue. In his annual report, DA David Hoovler said his office recovered close to $630,000 in fraudulently obtained state money representing a 750 percent return on the state’s $84,000 grant for that program.

Hoovler said this is the second year in a row that Orange County had the highest rate of return in the state.

“That means that crimes committed against the state, basically tax fraud, fraud against the government, we recovered more money per capita, per dollar spent, than any other office,” the DA said. “We also had last year, when it comes to narcotics enforcement, a record number of narcotics prosecutions as well as a record number of individuals recommended for drug court or diversion court, which shows a balance between prosecuting as well as sending people to treatment.”

Hoovler said his office, along with Newburgh City Police and other partners, continued to use innovative strategies to reduce violent crime in the city last year, continued to fight the opioid epidemic, and continued to participate with eight other New York DA’s offices, to assist immigrant victims of crime through the League of Immigrant Affairs.

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