Newburgh to create tenants’ advisory council

Lead remediation is part of the ongoing effort to rehab old housing in the city

NEWBURGH – Noting there is a landlords association in Orange County, with many landlords in the City of Newburgh alone, the city wants to set up a tenants’ advisory council.

Mayor Torrance Harvey wants to target slumlords through the new tenants’ advocacy group.

“They are poverty pimps and we want the poverty pimps out of Newburgh straight up,” Harvey said. “We’ve got to get rid of the slumlords; we don’t have a problem with people investing in this city and being landlords because landlords are good to their tenants, but slumlords are not.”

There have been so many complaints of substandard rental housing in Newburgh that the Senate Investigations Committee is including the city in its statewide of investigation code compliance.

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