DEC issues certificate of completion for CPV facility air quality permit

WAWAYANDA – The State Department of Environmental Conservation, Wednesday, issued a certificate of completion for the CPV power plant Title V air quality permit application, which now opens a 45-day public comment period.

State Senator Jennifer Metzger, in whose district the facility is located, said she plans to submit comments and introduce into the official record the results of a health survey she conducted in February and March, which lists several health complaints from 79 area residents, the most frequent of which were chronic headache and cough.

“I am deeply concerned about the impacts of CPV on the surrounding residents and on the environment and I continue to publicly question CPV’s suitability as an applicant,” Metzger said. “I strongly encourage affected residents to submit comments and to testify at the hearings.”

CPV Vice President Thomas Rumsey said the company “continues to work with regulators and policy makers at every level of government and take great pride in the role we play lowering emissions, improving reliability, and helping New York meet its green energy goals. We look forward to a conversation with the senator versus issuing press releases.”

Pramilla Malick, chairwoman of anti-CPV group Protect Orange County, said DEC “should begin this process by explaining why they were allowed to start operations without a valid Title V permit.” She said they are asking DEC to hold at least one public hearing in the City of Middletown, “where the largest density of impacted residents reside.”

Malick said in 2009 the DEC stated the application should include an evaluation by the Department of Health. “We concur and believe that a Department of Health risk assessment should be incorporated.”

She said her group believes the plant “should not be eligible for any state permits due to its climate and public health impacts, as well as the criminal conduct of company executives.”

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