My school board choices for change

    Presently the Valley Central school board is racked by dissension and disarray leading inevitably to dysfunction. The board cries out for a personnel change to restore its functional health. Also this board shirks its duties of fiscal oversight and accountability allowing the Xanthis administration free rein in its extravagant spending plans. It has given its blessing to the administration’s spending spree the last several years. 

    The much-needed BOE changes rest with three new candidates of my choice who are running for school board seats. They are Deb Hansen, Katie McKnight and Patrick Murphy. They all have excellent credentials and are well-qualified to sit on the board. The two ladies, Katie the accountant, Deb a supervisor of contracts, have extensive experience in the finance field. Patrick, the New York state professional engineer, has 20 years of construction management experience dealing with $100 million dollar budgets. He is a perfect fit for the board with the district’s capital improvement projects on the horizon. 

    These candidates are independent thinkers who, as board members, will offer fresh perspectives for the school district. Excessive spending will no longer be the norm; most knowledgeable in affairs of finance they have the ability and willingness to exercise fiscal discipline when it comes to school budget construction. Please check out these candidates credentials for yourself. I support Hansen, McKnight and Murphy and hope you do the same come election day, Tuesday, May 21.   

John Lown
May 19

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