Elect Vinella

Nancy Vinella for Pine Bush School District Board is a good choice. Nancy is energetic, smart and deeply committed to the children and parents in the Pine Bush School District. She currently serves as Treasurer on the Pakanasink Elementary PTA and is my Co Leader of #43 Pine Bush School District girls currently enrolled in our #2 Girl Scout Troops. I have been volunteering with Nancy in Girl Scouts for the past 3 years and believe she would advocate for both Student & Parents opening the doors for strong parent involvement within the School District. Being a member of the Pakanasink Elementary School PTA I have seen great increase in programs run through the PTA and believe the same can be done throughout the District with assistance from the other Board Members. Nancy is a Team Player and a Great Listener and takes pride on those qualities. I believe it’s time for a New Voice with New Ideas and Nancy Vinella is that Candidate. VOTE Nancy Vinella on May 21st.

Chareese Harper
Pine Bush
May 15

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