State legislation targets fossil-fuel-free future

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Sen. Metzger surrounded by supporters as she announced the measure in Albany

ALBANY – State Senator Jennifer Metzger (D, Rosendale), introduced legislation on Monday that would end the development of new fossil fuel infrastructure in New York and place the state on a course for a clean energy economy.

Metzger said the measure would require the State Energy Planning Board to develop a master plan for achieving a 100 percent fossil fuel-free energy by 2030, if possible, and by 2040, and excludes from state energy planning the development of new fossil fuel infrastructure.

“We have seen the enormous consequences of just a one degree increase in global mean temperature from pre-industrial levels and we want to leave the world a better place for our children and the course we’re on is going in the opposite direction,” she said.

The governor a few years ago banned the fracking of gas in New York, but there is no ban on piping in fracked gas to fuel power plants. Should this bill become law, that piping of gas would be prohibited, Metzger said. The measure is sponsored in the Assembly by Nily Rozic (D, Flushing). It has the support of Senator Peter Harckham, Riverkeeper, and New Paltz Mayor Tim Rogers, all attending a news conference in Albany.