HBO to film TV series in Poughkeepsie

Filming will start in in this white house

POUGHKEEPSIE – Poughkeepsie City Councilman Christopher Petsas held a neighborhood meeting on Sunday to provide residents with information about an HBO production filming this week in the Mt. Carmel area of the city.

“I Know This Much Is True” starring Mark Ruffalo will be filming in the neighborhood beginning on Tuesday. 

Calling Grace Productions delivered letters to houses in the neighborhood explaining that parking in the area will be impacted because of the number of crew vehicles, trailers, and equipment trucks. 

Petsas held the meeting at the Shamrock Association to give neighbors a chance to speak with representatives from the production company about how the extra vehicles would impact traffic flow and on-street parking. 

Parking will be affected on Delafield Street, Hoffman Street, and Talmadge Street beginning Monday night, according to City of Poughkeepsie Police Lt. Mel Clausen.  The Lieutenant told the 30 attendees that temporary restricted parking signs will be posted on Monday evening and remain in effect for Tuesday and Wednesday. 

One attendee asked about the filming hours and was told that there will be a few times when filming takes place at night so there will be lighting trucks that might be “irritating” to neighbors.  The production company vowed to work with those affected and offered to install light-blocking curtains in the homes.

“This is a great opportunity for the neighborhood and the city,” said Petsas as he explained the economic benefits of having the series filmed in the city.  He mentioned that local stores and restaurants were already seeing additional business and as the filming ramps up, there will be even more people in town.    Approximately 100 people will be on the set each day.  The production crew scouted approximately 100 houses in the city, including the home of Petsas, before settling on a house at the corner of Delafield and Hoffman Street.  Workers have been renovating the house for the past few weeks to get it ready for the filming.

The production will also be filming near the former Mt. Carmel School in August.  That part of the filming will require periodic road closures in the neighborhood because they will be turning the clock back to the 1920s, complete with dirt roads and oxen pulling farm carts. 

According to the production company’s Location Department, filming schedules will not be released via social media to avoid drawing excess crowds hoping to see the actors working.  The company did say that they will work with Petsas to give the neighborhood residents a few days notice each time they prepare to film.  All total, there will be approximately 13 days of filming in the area between now and September.

“I Know This Much Is True” is a six-part series that will air on HBO in 2020.

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