Bright new day in Dutchess County

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It is a bright new day in Dutchess County. Some of our most important leaders are joining forces to link the county and its educational institutions to the “only democracy” in the Middle East, Israel.

Important things happen when great minds get together. The president of Vassar College seems to have discussed plans with the Deputy Consul General during her trip to Israel. Now, many more leaders on on board, including our county executive, and decision makers at the Culinary Institute and IBM. Here are some suggestions for how this visionary group might partner with the apartheid state.

Israel already trains many U.S. police forces in military tactics and weaponry. Maybe the police in Poughkeepsie and Beacon could patrol in armored vehicles rather than on bikes. Checkpoint technology might also benefit these communities. People of the wrong color or religion could be made to wait in long lines and be inspected before they travel out of their areas. Israel’s high tech surveillance industry could be used to track goings on within these inner city ghettos. 

On a cheerier note, Dutchess County could benefit from all the Israeli products that support the occupation, like Jaffa oranges, Ahava cosmetics, Sabra hummus and Psagot wines. Nothing like the taste and feel of products that come from appropriated territories. The Culinary Institute could even create a “settlement restaurant” where diners could experience the thrill of being overlords in the Promised Land.

You would have to be a real anti-semite not to be enthused.

Fred Nagel
April 12