Newburgh elementary school student brings box cutters to class

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Meadow Hill GEM School

NEWBURGH – The troubled Newburgh Enlarged City School District has another problem with which to deal as an elementary school student brought three box cutters to school.

“This afternoon, we were alerted that a student brought three box cutters on to their school bus and attempted to distribute them on the way home,” Dennis Camt, principal of Meadow Hill GEM School in the Town of Newburgh wrote on Friday to parents.

He said the bus driver was alerted and returned to the school and an administrator removed the student from the bus.

“We have learned the student brought the items into school. To our knowledge, the weapons were not brought out during the school day,” Camt wrote. He said the student did not go through the metal detector “per the grade level of the student.”

While Camt said he could not discuss discipline matters, “I can assure you that we take this issue very seriously.”

He asked parents to remind their children to speak to an adult of they ever see, hear or otherwise become aware of any potentially dangerous issue in the school or bus.

This is the latest security issue facing the Newburgh district. A high school student brought a knife to school last week and several weeks ago a high school student and a teacher engaged in a physical confrontation in the cafeteria.The Orange County grand jury also recently issued a scathing 96-page report on apparent widespread student class cutting and the APEX online student curriculum program.