State audit questions Nanuet Fire District credit card purchases

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ALBANY – A state comptroller’s
office audit of credit and gasoline card use in the Nanuet Fire District
has found fault with documentation of purchases.

Of the 240 credit card purchases examined totaling $69,465 made during
the audit period, 60 purchases totaling $10,306 – 15 percent –
did not have adequate supporting documentation attached to the claims,
the audit said.

Of the 389 gasoline credit card purchases, totaling $18,849, for over
6,000 gallons of unleaded fuel, 195 purchases totaling $9,686 –
51 percent – did not have original receipts.

The state officials said the fire district should require strict adherence
to the credit card policy, particularly to supporting documentation, and
the reconciliation of credit and gas card statements to itemized supporting

The audit also said district officials should develop and implement written
policies and procedures for the use of gas credit card, specifically which
district officials may use gas cards, when and how they can use them,
and what documentation is required.

Fire district officials agreed with the recommendations and indicated
they plan to initiate corrective action.