Mayors have Christmas wishes for Santa


MID-HUDSON – Two Mid-Hudson mayors know what they wish for from
Santa this Christmas.

Poughkeepsie Mayor Robert Rolison hopes the city continues to move forward
and spread goodwill and be thankful for all it has.

“With this world that we live in today and it seems to get sometimes
more complicated and certainly sometimes the rhetoric is more than we
would like, I think civility and decency and looking out for one another
like Santa does, and if he could bring that to us, we would be grateful,”
he said.
Newburgh Mayor Torrance Harvey has his own wish list for Santa.

“I would love to see Santa drop some new development and employment
for our residents; that’s what I would love,” he said. “New
development and meaningful employment so that we can stimulate this economy
and continue to revitalize it.”
All municipal officials in the region wish everyone a happy and prosperous
holiday season and new year.


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