Middletown 2019 budget approved, stays under tax cap


MIDDLETOWN – The 2019 Middletown City all-funds budget comes in at $58.4 million and stays under the state property tax cap. As proposed by the mayor, the tax levy would go up just over two percent.
The spending plan, approved by the common council on Tuesday night, includes some safety personnel enhancements, said Mayor Joseph DeStefano.
“We added more police because of the agreement with the school district and about 70-75 percent of that is reimbursed by the school district, but there is still a portion of those seven officers that we have to absorb,” the mayor said. “We have also added some firemen. We are in pretty good shape financially; we’re solid. We head into 2019 with a pretty sable budget, a sound fiscal plan and a lot of activity planned for 2019.”
An increase in shared Orange County sales tax funding helped offset additional costs, said the mayor. 

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