Doves will be the symbolic messengers for Sullivan County’s 50th anniversary of Woodstock

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BETHEL – “And a dove will be placed …” is the opening line of the poem “Peace of Man” by Suzy Kassem.
Three dozen decorated fiberglass doves will be placed at various locations
in Sullivan County.  The doves, about five by seven feet, will be
decorated by local artists.

An enthusiastic Roberta Byron-Lockwood sets the Dove Trail in motion

Sullivan County Visitors Association President/CEO Roberta Byron-Lockwood
said this Dove Trail is a symbolic way of going into 2019, the 50th anniversary
of the Woodstock Music Festival.
“For us, having the trail and all the locations that the doves will be in, give us a chance to showcase each of those communities, tell a little bit about, in third person, the area in which the dove is located in, the impact that dove had and the area had during the original ’69 festival and just draw as much attention to travelers to all of our communities and the beauty of our Sullivan Catskills.”
Byron-Lockwood said Woodstock is was a hallmark cultural event still known around the world.
Sullivan Renaissance Executive Director Denise Frangipane says some financial help is available to make this happen.
“We are going to launch a special grant program this year specifically for municipalities and community groups who are receiving the doves and it will be a grant that will help offset the cost for hiring an artist and also for landscaping the dove if landscaping is appropriate in the cases of the placement,” Frangipane said.
The doves can be sponsored by municipalities, community groups or businesses.  They will be painted by local artists whose designs must be approved by a committee.  Mounting should be on concrete pedestals in high-traffic areas with high visibility but should not obstruct view of or access to businesses.
The design should evoke the colors and themes of the 1960s and must be done by a professional local artist. 
Design concepts should be submitted by January 15th with installation completed by next June. 
Email  or mail to:

100 Sullivan Ave.
Ferndale NY 12734