Rockland executive vetoes parts of amended 2019 budget

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NEW CITY – Rockland County Executive Edwin Day has vetoed 95 line items in the amended 2019 county budget as adopted by the county legislature. Day is a Republican; the legislative majority is Democrat.
“The majority’s amended budget would have been a return to the days of speculative revenue, over-estimating sales tax revenue and a refusal to modernize county government,” Say said. “In short, a budget like theirs could lead us back down the path of deficits and double-digit tax increases, a return to the sins of the past.”
The vetoed amendments:

$3.5 million in speculative revenue and appropriations to fund employee contract settlements
Removed the new deed verification program
Increased estimated sales tax revenue by $647,500
Eliminated new positions in several departments
Bypassed the county’s legally mandated process for procuring contracts

The legislature has until December 20 to attempt an override of any executive veto with a two-thirds majority or 12 votes.