Wallkill hotel industry ‘on fire,’ says Partnership chief

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TOWN OF WALLKILL – With four hotels being constructed, the Town
of Wallkill is the hot-spot for the exploding Mid-Hudson tourism industry.
That comment comes from Maureen Halahan, president of the Orange County

Three hotels are being constructed in new locations – East Main
Street, Dunning Road and Tower Drive, and an old Howard Johnson is being
demolished to make way for a new, modern facility.

Halahan said Wallkill is becoming a home away from home for tourists.

“It is totally on fire with new hotels cropping up piggybacking
on everything that’s coming alive right now. Legoland will be open
in a little bit; people will overflow. The same with the casino; there
is going to be overflow. The same with the 50th anniversary of Woodstock,”
she said.
This is an area that is really a tourism destination, said Halahan.