Kingston Common Council approves hold-the-line 2019 budget

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KINGSTON – In a unanimous vote, the Kingston Common Council Tuesday night adopted Mayor Steven Noble’s proposed budget for 2019.
The tax levy remains at the 2016 level with no increase. Tax rates will continue to go down for the third consecutive year. Homestead taxes will drop from $9.94 to $9.74 and non-homestead taxes will decline from $17.39 to $15.59.
Over $772,281 has been placed in contingency in preparation for potential union contract settlements and non-recurring expenses.
The new spending plan includes some $1 million for street paving; full funding of the Kingston Land Bank in 2019 with a two-year combined investment of over $3 million into quality, affordable housing; and $100,000 in capital improvements to city parks.
Also in the budget are funds to purchase supplemental turn-out gear for every firefighter in the department.
The budget includes two minor modifications including a shift of funding from the mayor’s office to contingency, based on the mayor’s recommendation, and an internal transfer in the Kingston Police Department budget for training to overtime allotment.