Diggers rupture water main in Putnam


MAHOPAC FALLS – Thanksgiving Day preparation was interrupted Wednesday evening for scores of Mahopac Falls families when a contractor digging a trench at the Town of Carmel’s Airport Park accidentally severed an 8-inch water main while removing a large stump resulting in a 40,000-gallon loss of water.
Supervisor Ken Schmitt said homes throughout Lake McGregor lost water following the 5 pm accident while residences in the Red Mills section of town developed low water pressure after a plumbing company isolated the break and shut down the entire main.
Schmitt who was joined by Councilman Mike Barile at the scene off Hill Street in Mahopac Falls, called it a “bad night to lose water when Thanksgiving preparations are underway.”
The supervisor noted that the town was investigating how the incident occurred.
Water flow was returned to normal before midnight.