Utility bill scams on the rise

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POUGHKEEPSIE – Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation has received an increase in customer reports of attempted scams this week and urges vigilance in order to avoid becoming a victim.
Utility officials said scammers often pose as utility company employees and threaten to disconnect customers’ utility services if they fail to make an immediate payment – typically using a prepaid card or other non-traceable form of pavement.  Those are sure signs of a likely fraud.
The most recent incidents used by scammers have been contacts by telephone.
Customers can protect themselves by never purchasing a prepaid card to avoid service disconnection or shutoff; hanging up the phone, deleting the email or shutting the door when threatened with immediate disconnection or shutoff of service; and calling Central Hudson for verification using the number of their bill – 845-452-27000, and not the phone number the scammer provides.