Executive order formalizes privacy protection of Rockland employees

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NEW CITY – In the wake of the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court ruling that said that employees who are not enrolled in a public-sector union cannot be required to pay agency fees to a union, Rockland County Executive Edwin Day signed an executive order stating that no county worker’s personal contact information may be shared.
The county CSEA Local 844 expressed concern that efforts would be made to identify home addresses or other contact information of unionized workers to communication with them to persuade union employees to opt out of public-sector union membership.
The privacy policy has been a longstanding unwritten rule in Rockland County and Day formalized it with his executive order stating that, “With respect to the Executive Branch of county government, no agency, including any officer or employee in the course of official conduct or employment shall disclose an address, or other information, including but not limited to personal e-mail addresses, social media contacts, etc.”