Middletown man faces prison time for assaulting police officer



GOSHEN – A Middletown man faces up to seven years in state prison
when sentenced in November on one assault charge and two counts of resisting

Moises Almanzar, 32, was convicted following a jury trial before Orange
County Court Judge Craig Stephen Brown.

At trial, prosecutors argued that on January 4, 2017 at about 5:16 p.m.,
a uniformed Middletown City police officer approached Almanzar in the
area of Linden Avenue, informing him that Middletown City Court issued
a warrant for his arrest and that he would have to take him into custody.

Prosecutors said Almanzar said he would not be allowed to be arrested
and struggled with the officer with both falling to the ground and the
officer suffering a knee injury that kept him out of work for six weeks.

Almanzar ran after the fight with the officer, jumped fences, but was
caught by other officers in the area of Smith Street, it was alleged.
He struggled with those cops before being taken into custody.

Police officers regularly perform difficult and dangerous work to help
the community,, and there is simply no excuse for resisting arrest,”
said District Attorney David Hoovler. “Those who resist arrest place
themselves, police officers and the entire community at serious risk of
injury and death.”