Not enough garbage cans in Port Jervis, says one resident

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PORT JERVIS – If there are more garbage cans in busy areas, will people use them?  One Port Jervis resident made that point during a brief and otherwise routine Common Council meeting Monday night.
Linda VanHorn said after picking up something at a long-established store on Kingston Avenue, she was dismayed by what was outside.
“The sidewalk and the road and all around that area in front on Kingston Avenue as well as on Pike Street, there is garbage and there is so many cigarette butts you could make a carpet out of them,” VanHorn said.  “I’m sure that’s the truth of other little local businesses.”
Mayor Kelly Decker said they are upgrading trash receptacles in busy parts of the city including downtown but will consider other locations.
“We can certainly look at places; we can go to those other stores and ask them if they want the garbage cans out in front,” the mayor said.
Decker also noted a lot of increased recreational foot traffic off the beaten path, including the reservoir area and Elks Brox Park.  He said refuse receptacles suitable for that setting have been put in place.