Poughkeepsie IDA membership issue taken off agenda

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POUGHKEEPSIE – The controversy
over a resolution by Poughkeepsie Common Council Chairwoman Ann Finney
was temporarily defused Monday night. The measure would have reduced the
number of members on the city’s Industrial Development Agency Board
from seven to five and remove the two common council seats from the board.
A companion resolution, also pulled, sought the city’s official position with regard to an approved PILOT for Maple Street of Dutchess, LLC, for a project to be developed by the Baxter company.
The only comment from a council member came from Christopher Petsas.
“I find it disappointing that we can take jabs at the IDA and its members; we can accuse them of things; we can try to remove them, as you have, Ms. Finney, as you tried tonight, but when the chair of the IDA offers to come before this body to lay out why they did what they did or what their plans are for the future, we decline that invitation, that’s a problem,” Petsas said.
During public comment, a handful of citizens spoke for and against removal of the common council members from the IDA board.