Rabies running up a big tab in Sullivan County


MONTICELLO – The discovery
of a rabid fox in Monticello earlier this week was nothing new for Sullivan
County health officials. The biggest concern is when there is possible
human exposure.

Director of Public Health Services Nancy McGraw told the county legislature’s
Health and Family Services Committee that each exposure is costly to the

“Last year we treated 24 people for potential exposure to different
animals that may or may not have been exposed to rabies and that was $87,000
for 24 people,” McGraw said, noting they may spend more this year.
“This year, so far, through the beginning of August, we’ve
treated 18 people at a cost of $57,000.”
People are cautioned to not approach any wild animals. Pet owners should
make sure vaccinations are current and that pets are not permitted to
roam free.


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