Malick wins write-in opportunity for Reform Party primary

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GOSHEN – One of the two Democratic Party candidates for the 42nd State Senate seat, Pramilla Malick, is also seeking a second line in the general election.
Having been denied Reform Party permission to run on that line, she has been granted the okay to run as a write-in candidate.     
Malick said that will provide voters who are not registered with a political party to participate since the Reform Party allows that.
“I am really, really, really excited that unaffiliated voters will have a chance to participate in this primary, which happens to be on my birthday, September 13th,” she said.
Malick said she was disappointed to learn that Democratic opponent Jennifer Metzger had challenged her petitioned “opportunity to ballot” for the Reform Party line.
Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt is the Republican candidate for the seat being vacated by veteran Republican John Bonacic.