Rabid stray cat captured in Westchester


WHITE PLAINS – The Westchester County Health Department says a gray stray cat with white paws that was caught on Upper Shad Road near Westchester Avenue in Pound Ridge last Friday, July 27, has been confirmed to be rabid.
The cat bit a woman on Friday morning while she was walking her dog on Upper Shad Road and then scratched another dog. It was captured by police shortly afterward.
The woman is receiving preventive rabies treatment. The dog did not need it because it was up-to-date on its rabies vaccines.
Anyone who believes they, their children or their pet may have had contact with the cat is urged to call the county health department at 914-813-5013 to assess the need for lifesavings rabies treatment.
When administered early enough, before symptoms develop, the treatment is fully effective. Once symptoms occur, the disease is fatal.
The health department used robocalls to notify nearby residents in this case. 

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