Municipalities eligible for water infrastructure project USDA financing


GOSHEN – When low-interest or no-interest loans or grants are made available to municipalities for water infrastructure upgrades, they are often made through the state, but the US Department of Agriculture offers similar programs, said Richard Mayfield, the USDA’s state director of Rural Development.
The federal program is making “a significant impact in rural parts of the state,” said Mayfield, who said working with state, local and federal partners, Rural Development invested more than $54 million in loans and grants for some 60 projects involving water and wastewater infrastructure.
“Not too long ago the United States was a world leader in infrastructure and investments, but sadly over the years our infrastructure needs outpaced our available resources,” Mayfield said. “That is why it is so important that this year local communities consider the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development program for funding, loans, grants or a combination of loan-grants to help fund their needed water infrastructure projects.”
Mayfield has been traveling around the state promoting the federal program to municipalities.
“The USDA provides a variety of programs that benefit Orange County
and is a valued resource for our communities,” said County Executive
Steven Neuhaus.

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