Poughkeepsie Common Council approves police officer retention plan

    POUGHKEEPSIE – In an effort
    to retain Poughkeepsie City police officers for longer periods of time,
    the city and the PBA have come to an agreement that will see the number
    of officers reduced from 96 to 92, but salaries increase.
    Poughkeepsie, like many other cities in the Mid-Hudson, hires new officers,
    spends the time and money to train them, only to have them leave for significantly
    higher salaries in counties to the south.
    The agreement, approved during a special council meeting Tuesday night,
    also includes other components to better serve the city, its residents
    and officers, noted Alderwoman Sarah Brannen.
    “We are going to be working in partnership with the PBA, the department and the administration to put some funding into next year’s budget for dash cams in police department vehicles, which is a concern that has come up in this council in years past. We are also going to be working together to increase diversity in the police force in the coming years,” Brannen said.
    Alderwoman Natasha Cherry, chairwoman of the budget committee, met with the PBA and the other council members since a vote on the agreement was tabled last week. She was satisfied to see the officers and council are on the same page in terms of protecting the safety of city residents and the officers. 

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