Ashokan Rail Trail Phase 2 approved by Ulster Legislature


KINGSTON – A dozen years
of debate and designingwent into crafting the Ashokan Rail Trail. 
Ulster County legislators, Tuesday night, gabe the go-ahead for amending
the project to include Phase 2, at a cost of about $8.25 million. 
A second resolution approved the bonding.
Not everyone was ready to vote, including Democrat Manna Jo Greene
“I think we really need to have a more open discussion so I am making a motion to postpone any action,” Greene said.
Democrat David Donaldson agreed with a delay saying it would give time to develop more of a consensus and to coordinate better with the Catskill Mountain Railroad.
A third Democrat, Kathy Nolan, said the discussions have gone on long enough.
“There are issues that the CMRR, the Catskill Mountain Railroad, should address with the track committee and with the administration in terms of fulfilling their current permit obligations,” Nolan said.  “That can happen aside from this resolution.  2005 to 2018, I think is long enough.  Please vote against this postponement.”
The postponement was defeated.  The two resolutions approving the project and the bond, each passed on votes of 30 to 3.

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