Playland Boardwalk reopens after six years


RYE – The 700-foot-long North Boardwalk at Playland in Rye, decimated by Hurricane Sandy six years ago, has been rebuilt and is open for business.

Post-Sandy devastation

New North Boardwalk

The storm in 2012 washed much of the boardwalk into the Long Island Sound, but now, after a $4.6 million restoration project, Westchester County Executive George Latimer said Tuesday it will withstand just about anything Mother Nature throws at it.
“After six years of construction this has been completely upgraded with storm-resistant materials,” Latimer said. “There are steel piles that replace the former wooden ones and there is a concrete sub-structure underneath, so whatever happens to the rest of the park, to the rest of Rye, this boardwalk and substructure will stand whatever happens.”
Ninety percent of the cost of the project will be reimbursable by FEMA, Latimer said. 

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