USMA Class of 2022 reports next week


WEST POINT – The US Military Academy Class of 2022 reports on Monday, July 2. Over 1,200 U.S. citizens and 16 international students will report for Reception Day. The class includes 294 women, 400 minorities and 10 combat veterans.
Minority enrollment, roughly 30 percent, includes 186 African-Americans, 104 Hispanic Americans, 99 Asian-Americans and 11 Native Americans.
The incoming class was selected from over 12,000 applicants.
“The quality and rich diversity of our students entering with the Class of 2022 is exceptional and representative of our nation’s best,” said Col. Deborah McDonald, director of admissions.
During Reception Day, better known as “R-Day”, the new cadets immediately begin the process of becoming future U.S. Army officers. They undergo administrative processing, are fitted with their initial military clothing, receive haircuts, medical and physical evaluations, and begin their first lessons in marching, military courtesy and discipline. 

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