Area human rights commissions incensed over separation of children from their parents


MID-HUDSON – As the federal
government continues to separate children from their parents as they cross
over America’s southern border seeking asylum, the Dutchess and
Orange County human rights commissions have added their voices to the
condemnation of the practice.

A statement from the Dutchess Commission on Human Rights said “the
parent/child relationship is universally recognized as deserving of special

Dutchess Human Rights Commissioner Jodi Miller said what the administration
is doing is unwarranted and cruel.

“For all the concerns about big government and costs effectiveness,
this is a moral abomination; this not what we are about as a country,”
she said.
Inaudy Esposito, Orange County’s Human Rights commissioner, said
her county’s commission is “appalled” by the federal

“No child should have to go through that experience and we are really
heartbroken and appalled that that is what they are being put through,”
she said.
The Dutchess commission said “governmental intervention that breaches
this relationship (between parent and child) without adjudication, for
anyone, but especially asylum seekers and others escaping brutal economic,
social, and political conditions, is not only unwarranted, but cruel.”

Meanwhile, President Trump blamed congressional Democrats for refusing
to change the immigration laws and administration officials said the Democrats
are forcing the separation of the adults and children.


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