Former Postal Service employee arrested for mail theft




YONKERS – A 30-year-old former US Postal Service employee has been
arrested and charged in connection with the widespread theft of mail in
and around Yonkers.

Authorities said that Lorell Lee Legrand, a former city carrier assistant
who resigned in May, was charged with grand larceny and three counts of
identity theft, all as felonies.

It is alleged that Legrand, along with others, deposited forged checks
into her bank accounts and defrauded the account holders of those checks.

Targeted checks were mailed from mailboxes in Yonkers and at a post office
branch in the city.

Investigators believe she was involved with a group of individuals who
targeted mail send through the Postal Service with the mail likely stolen
at the mailbox level; however police are working to identify the exact
point of interception.

The investigation is continuing and additional arrests are anticipated.

Authorities also arrested Shaquille Wiltshire, 22, of Yonkers, who was
arrested on May 18. He allegedly possessed washed checks from stolen Yonkers
mail in an effort to commit identity theft and fraud. He was charged with
felonies and misdemeanors in the case.