Child molester sentenced to 32 years


A Westchester resident has
been sentenced in county court to the maximum 32 years in state prison
after his conviction on rape charges.
Jard Hobb, 45, was sentenced May 29 on several felony counts including
sexual miscount and rape.

Hobbs’ victim, a disabled child suffering from Cerebral Palsy, was 11-year-old
girl at the time the first act was committed. She came forward after two
years of abuse. Hobbs was entrusted as a care provider as the victim’s
mother a single parent, worked.

Hobbs was arrested on July 7, 2017 after the Rye Police investigated the
incident. DNA evidence including semen found on the victim’s sleeping
shorts linked Hobbs to the crime.

Assistant District Attorney Paul Stein said defendant stood “remorseless”
at sentencing. Speaking at sentencing, the victim’s mother said, “…to
know how my daughter suffers everyday of her life to purposely hurt her…over
and over for his own sexual pleasure causes her a new type of pain. No
amount of time can ever erase what was done to her. None.” The victim
asked that lyrics from the song Prayin” by the singer Kesha be read
as her statement to the court.

The case was presided over by Judge Susan Cacace of Westchester County
Court. She ruled the counts would be served consecutively and Hobbs must
register as a sex offender before being release from prison.


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