West Point Class of 2018 joins the Long Gray Line


The Class of 2018 at West Point celebrates with the traditional
hat toss (USMA Photo)

WEST POINT – The 972 members of the Class of 2018 joined the Long
Gray Line at the US Military Academy as they graduated as commissioned
second lieutenants on Saturday.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford, Jr.
told the graduates, “You chose to join the Army in the time of war,”
and he said their leadership in the ever changing face of the military
has never been more important.

? “To the Class of 2018, I believe the need to aggressively lead
change is going to be particularly important to you,” he said. “The
pace of change and the speed of war has greatly accelerated and in many
ways the environment you are going to lead in is very different than the
one that confronted lieutenants in 1918, in 1968 or frankly, in 2008.”

Dunford’s message to the graduates was, “If you take care
of your soldiers, they will take care of you.”

A number of ambulances were called to the academy during the Michie Stadium
ceremony to treat attendees who were treated for complications from the
intense heat.

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