Sullivan County Adult Care Center has new name


County officials approve the new logo and sign

LIBERTY – The Sullivan County Adult Care Center now a new name.
The county facility will now be known as the Care Center at Sunset Lake
as it draws on the name of the town road and county-owned lake that are
adjacent to the facility in Liberty.
County officials said the rebranding is aimed at highlighting and reinforcing the center’s commitment to quality long- and short-term care.
“We realize that even though this is a nonprofit, publicly-owned facility, we are in a competitive environment with other nursing homes and short-term physical rehabilitation centers in the region,” said County Manager Josh Potosek. “So we are embarking on a campaign to remind people why selecting the Care Center at Sunset Lake is a wise choice where they can be confident they and their loved ones will receive the treatment the deserve.”
“We have spectacular care here,” said Health and Family Services Commissioner Joseph Todora, who credited the staff for their effort.
“The employees are the heart and soul of this place,” said
County Legislator Nadia Rajsz, chairwoman of the legislature’s Health
and Family Services Committee. “They are professional and dedicated.
It’s tough, demanding work, but under the team approach of our Administrator
Frank Murphy, they raised our federal rating from three stars to five.”
Several years ago, Orange County changed the name of its nursing home
in Goshen from the Orange County Home and Infirmary to Valley View for
similar reasons.

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