Latimer to develop new Westchester Airport master plan with public input


New master plan in the works

WHITE PLAINS – Westchester County Executive George Latimer wants to develop a new master plan for Westchester County Airport, but since it may take as much as a year, he plans to file the plan as drafted by the previous administration first.
That initial submission, in July, will be followed by a publicly developed new master plan, he said.
“That process may take a year to complete but at least what we will do is have the thorough review of all of the issues that frankly, I don’t believe got thorough review in the master plan,” the county exec said. “The master plan and the governance issues got combined in the public mindset and we wound up talking about the deals on who will govern the airport more than what is in the master plan and what is deficient in the master plan as is.”
Latimer said he wants to broaden the dialogue on the airport from the narrow discussions in the past to a full assessment of its impacts and its future. 

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