Three arrested for trying to steal from mailbox





YONKERS – Three Bronx men are under arrested following an undercover surveillance operation by Yonkers Police on Thursday.  They were caught near of 490 South Broadway trying to fish mail from a US Postal Service mailbox and a relay mailbox.
Police and postal inspectors are investigating to determine if the same three men are responsible for a series of prior incidents of mail theft.
Those arrested on Thursday were Max Enrique Anparo, 26, Luis Felipe Cruz-Valerio, 21, and Edgardo Rodriguez, 25, all of the Bronx. They were caught loitering near the mailboxes and officers observed them tampering with them, trying to pry open the doors and engaged in “fishing” behavior, attempting to pull mail out through the deposit slot.
All three were taken into custody and found in possession of stolen and unauthorized checks as well as items used to fish mail. They were each charged with criminal possession of stolen property and criminal mischief, both as felonies.

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