Third round of downtown revitalization grants means $10 million for one Hudson Valley community

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ALBANY – The state’s third round of Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant competition has begun.
One municipality in each of the state’s 10 regions will be selected to receive a $10 million state grant for economic growth.
In the Hudson Valley’s first round, the City of Middletown won the prize. The second round winner was the City of Kingston.
The City of Poughkeepsie has submitted its proposal in each of the first two years and Mayor Robert Rolison said they will submit their plan again this year. He believes its Poughkeepsie’s turn to win.
“It’s a downtown centric area but the good thing is all of these things that happen in downtown help the rest of the city as well,” Rolison said.
Each participating community’s application will judged on a series of criteria. The winning municipality must have projects selected that can be implemented within the first one to two years.