Students protest against gun violence

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Students protest on the steps of the historic Putnam Co0unty Courthouse

CARMEL – Dozens of high school students protested against gun violence
Saturday during a peaceful demonstration on the steps of the historic
Putnam Courthouse in downtown Carmel.

The teenagers gathered one day after the 19th anniversary of the Columbine
High School massacre when two students entered the Colorado High School
and slaughtered 13 innocent people.

Speaker after speaker charged that “adults have failed us teens.
We must now find a solution because to attend school in fear of getting
shot is wrong.”

The young people said they stood behind not only Columbine but Sandy Hook
and Parkland, Virginia Tech, Las Vegas and San Bernardino.
Rally organizer Annie Pozner, 17, of Carmel told the crowd that “gun
violence will not and cannot be tolerated any longer. Mass shootings are
gun violence. I am tired and angry because my generation will always be
known as the mass shooting generation.”

She said that “hate cannot drive out hate. We must elect legislators
who want change. We have had enough. It’s time for people of my
generation to register to vote and get out and cast ballots supporting
those who demand transformation.”