Greenburgh teen pleads guilty to shooting death



WHITE PLAINS – A 16-year-old pled guilty in Westchester County Court to manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon.
The homicide occurred on August 17, 2017 at 100 Manhattan Avenue in the Town of Greenburgh.
At 7:30 that night in the parking lot where Trevon Major lived, his brother, co-defendant Vance Major and co-defendant Timothy Whitney robbed another person. In the vestibule of the building, the victim argued with Vance Major and Whitney about getting his property back. Trevon Major came downstairs from his apartment, joined in the altercation and threatened the robbery victim with a gun.
The victim’s mother came from her nearby apartment and pleaded with Trevon Major not to shoot her son.
The robbery victim left the area and returned to his home in a neighboring building, but moments later, Joseph Smith III, 46, the fiancé of the victim’s mother, went to an apartment in the building, the home of Trevon and Vance Major. Smith knocked on the door. Trevon Major answered it with a gun in his hand and shot Smith once in the chest.
A neighbor heard the gunshot and called the police. Smith was taken to the hospital where he died.
Trevon and Vance Major and Whitney remained in the apartment until police arrived. The gun was found in three pieces hidden inside.
Trevon Major faces up to 25 years in state prison on the conviction of manslaughter. For possession of the weapon, he faces up to 15 years.
The cases against Vance Major and Whitney are still pending.

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