Waterfront coalition unites Kingston stakeholders

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Burhans: “… try to make it happen”

KINGSTON – Three dozen volunteers met before work Thursday morning at the Kingston Maritime Museum, to launch the new Riverport Coalition. The informal collection of community stakeholders intends to form committees to help shape future waterfront development.
Museum president Robert Burhans explained that the neighborhood is ready to take community feedback to the next level. “We wanted to find a way, not just to do a snapshot, but have an ongoing dialogue,” he said, noting previous external reviews.
Participants included businesses, cultural institutions, museum supporters, environmental organizations, boating enthusiasts, and local residents.
“Rather than each of us trying to do something individually, it made sense to pull this group together and try to make it happen,” Burhans said. “We want the coalition to be self-sustaining. We want everyone to be actively involved in working on this coalition. We are a facilitator, but it’s all about you.”  
Kingston grant manager Kristin Wilson briefly discussed a number of pending grant applications focused on the downtown waterfront. She said public input was welcome from stakeholders moving forward. Projects include trail development and shoreline resiliency.
Front burner issues include working waterfront, year-round access, and handicapped accessibility.
Interested parties are encouraged to contact museum organizers. http://www.hrmm.org/