Sullivan adopts 2018 Community Development programs

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MONTICELLO – Sullivan County’s ambitious community development agenda for 2018 focuses on three areas: Plans and Progress; Sullivan Signs; and Business-Friendly Zoning and Permitting.  The county legislature unanimously adopted the agenda during Thursday’s monthly meeting.
Deputy County Manager Dan Depew praised Planning and Environmental Management Commissioner Freda Eisenberg and her staff for assembling the list.
 “I think what you guys voted on today, especially the program that allows for commercial zoning tweaks and municipal governments and us supporting that financially, is really unprecedented.”
Depew said that is something he has not seen in other counties.
According to the guidelines, the “Zoning and Permitting” component is intended to “incentivize changes to local zoning codes and development review procedures in order to increase the efficiency and lower the expense of obtaining permits for new economic development — and conversely to remove the barriers to small business development and expansion posed by cumbersome, unclear, and costly regulations and processes.”
“Plans and Progress” will assist municipalities and organizations in endeavors related to tourism, economic development and enhancement of natural and recreational assets. 
“Sullivan Signs” will assist municipalities in enhancing the county’s image and identity.