Dutchess Transit workers push back strike deadline


Local 445, the union representing Dutchess Mass Transit bus employees,
is extending its trike deadline until two days after the members vote
on an expected final contract offer from the county.
Union representative Jerry Ebert said the contract vote would take place either Sunday, April 15 or April 22, “depending on how quickly the offer arrives.”
Ebert said the union does not know whether the county’s next offer “will be better, worse or the same as the one presented three weeks ago. Whatever that offer is, we will vote on it before engaging in any work stoppage.”
Saying the union does not really want to disrupt the system, Ebert said, “If necessary, we can do a working strike during off-hours and run roving picket lines through the Dutchess County Government Center and at Molinaro campaign stops, with the help of other unions.”
County Executive Marcus Molinaro is an announced Republican candidate for governor.
“A work stoppage should be a last resort,” Ebert said. “There are other options we believe the employees should consider.”