New Rochelle teen arraigned in murder of fellow student

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WHITE PLAINS – The teen charged with stabbing another New Rochelle
High School student to death over the victim’s car keys was arraigned
in Westchester County Court on Tuesday.

Z’inah Brown, 17, was charged with murder, manslaughter, and criminal
possession of a weapon. She is also charged along with two other students,
Dominique Slack, and Carl Booker, both also 17, on one count each of gang
assault, and two counts of stalking. Slack and Booker were also charged
with assault.

On January 10, prosecutors allege the group of New Rochelle teenagers
assaulted the victim, Valeree Schwab, a fellow high school student.

At the time of the assault, Schwab dropped her house keys and one of the
teens picked them up. Schwab then followed the group to Dunkin’
Donuts at 646 North Avenue to try to get them back and was stabbed by
Brown. She died the following day.