Stewart passenger numbers continue to grow


Low-cost Norwegian Air, with routes to Europe, continues to be the
major driver of high passenger numbers

STEWART AIRPORT – Passenger levels at Stewart International Airport doubled in the first two months of the year as compared to the same period last year.
The continued dramatic rise is attributed to the five routes to Europe instituted by Norwegian Air last June.
During January and February, 82,870 people used Stewart for travel while during the same period last year, 42,070 traveled through the Newburgh area airport.
Airport Business Development Director Michael Torelli told the Stewart Airport Commission on Tuesday the trends will continue through mid-June “and we will be well on our way to another banner year.”
Late last year, Norwegian secured approvals to fly to England and Torelli said “it is on our radar with them” going forward.
Torelli said the airport is continually talking up Stewart to attract additional service.
 “We just had staff go to Ecuador, which was part of Routes Americas, and they met with many different airlines both foreign and domestic,” Torelli said. “Everyone is always interested in how Norwegian is doing because it has made our catchment even bigger with our bus service down to New York City so a lot more people are looking at it.”
Cargo tonnage flowing through Stewart in the first two months of the year increased by 27 percent over the same period in 2017 with 2,884 tons carried last year compared to 3,661 tons so far this year. 

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