2017 was a “banner year” for Orange County DA’s office


GOSHEN – The Orange County
District Attorney’s Office prosecuted over 300 felony narcotics
cases in county court in 2017, bringing to over 1,000 the number of cases
prosecuted since DA David Hoovler took office.
In his annual report, Hoovler also said the Orange County Drug Task Force, which is administered, in part, by his office, recovered some $278,000 worth of illegal drugs, a 65 percent increase over 2016.
Also 2017 saw prosecution of some large-scale drug operations including “Operation Family Ties” investigation, which brought down two major drug-trafficking organizations and resulted in the arrest and conviction of 35 participants in those organizations.
The DA said his office goes beyond prosecutions.
“We have over a dozen programs in the district attorney’s office that we present to the public, whether it is anti-bullying, community relations, immigrant affairs – we are doing so much more now than we have ever done before,” Hoovler said. “It used to be that we focused on results in the courtroom – we still focus very heavily on the results in the courtroom – but my vision, we have turned the office into a community-based organization where the ADA’s in the office are part of the community.”
Hoovler pledged to continue the work of his office going forward “to see that justice is served, and that our citizens are protected.”

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