Molinaro readies for formal announcement of gubernatorial bid

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BEACON – Republican Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro says he will run for governor this fall, but he has yet to make a formal announcement.  He is sounding like a candidate, though. He talked about a challenge to Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo in November.
“No one has the right to hold an office without being challenged and just as importantly, the State of New York is a broken state government,” said Molinaro. “There are too many families struggling too hard to make ends meet, so I frankly think he deserves a strong challenge and I think that I hope that the people of the State of New York welcome a message of trying to bring a decency back to state government, trying to hold state government accountable and drive down the cost of living and doing business across New York.”
Molinaro has unofficially secured the support of the Republican Party leadership.