Kingston lawmakers to support more stringent gun safety protocols

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KINGSTON – In response to a series of school shootings across the country, the Kingston Common Council may be taking action to garner federal and state support for more stringent safety protocols regarding firearms.
Alderman Reynolds Scott-Childress, who authored the local memorializing
resolution, said although the spirit is to promote a broad range of anti-gun
violence efforts, there are specific details he would like to see state
and federal officials tackle.
The resolution calls for a repeal of the Dickey Amendment, which prevents the CDC from conducting epidemiological studies on gun-violence, prevents the idea of having individuals accused, or convicted, of violent crimes forfeit their guns as a temporary punishment, judging on the severity of the crime, asks for more resources for teachers to address the social and psychological issues that could lead to gun-violence in schools, and champions community building, such as an initiative created by students in Florida to not let students eat alone during lunch time.
“It’s that kind of community building that we’re really after with this,” said Scott-Childress. “It’s not about the Second Amendment, or trying to repeal the Second Amendment, or ban firearms of any sort. There is an element in it though where we’re saying the Supreme Court, in the Heller decision, did say that the government can limit some kinds of weapons. If we get good research that suggests that would be a good direction to go, that’s fine, but that’s not what we’re calling for”
The resolution must first be sent to committee for review. If it clears
committee, then the common Council and is signed by the mayor, it will
be presented to state and federal representatives.