Neuhaus wants to move forward on Camp LaGuardia

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Neuhaus at Camp LaGuardia in March 2016

CHESTER – Orange County has owned the former New York City Camp
LaGuardia property in Chester and Blooming Grove for a number of years
and it has remained vacant and dilapidated.
At one point, the county had signed over development rights to a private company, but years later when nothing was advanced, the county withdrew from that arrangement.
County Executive Steven Neuhaus now said redevelopment of that property is long overdue.
“It’s something that we need to move forward on and get the taxpayers money back for what they invested there as well as get something done there,” he said.
Neuhaus envisions developing office space as well as setting aside an area for active farming. Any future uses would require approvals from the local governments in the towns of Chester and Blooming Grove.