Neuhaus wants to know if CPV testing is causing air quality concerns


GOSHEN – In the wake of
the CPV electric generating plant starting-up testing spewing gray clouds
of steam into the area, Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus has asked
the state Environmental Conservation commissioner if his agency is conducting
independent air quality testing in Orange County.

“This is a state approved plant and we understand that at this juncture,
start-up testing is all that is taking place,” Neuhaus wrote in
a letter to DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos last Friday. “However,
the air quality effects appear to be serious and the public needs to know
that there is no negative impact on the air Orange County residents breathe.
Orange County had no part in the approval process, however it is our residents
who are stuck with the concerns, Neuhaus wrote.

In his letter, he asked Seggos if there is independent DEC air quality
testing, when will the results be made public and what are the plans for
ongoing air quality testing?

In a February 21 Facebook post, State Assemblyman James Skoufis wrote
that he reached out to the DEC and urged them to send out independent
monitors. “I can report to folks that independent monitors have
now been sent to the power plant and will be investigating the emissions/complaints.”


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